Guide to PayPal Casinos

Online casinos that prefer payments through PayPal are called PayPal casinos. With this e-wallet, you can send and receive casino payments safely and without any hassles. PayPal is a preferred virtual wallet for millions of people globally. It is also accepted as a preferred gateway by thousands of reputed cashmoney-onlinecasino sites. PayPal is easy to set up, is extremely secure and charges minimal transaction fees.

Deposits Using PayPal

Create your PayPal account by signing up and registering your email ID. This takes just a few steps. Now link your bank account number or other accepted payment gateways with your PayPal account. At this stage, you might have to make a small transaction to establish your identity. Once you have done this, you are ready to make your first deposit with your casino.

Go to the Cashier section and then to Deposit, check the various options available and select PayPal. Click PayPal, enter your email ID, and input your payment amount. Click Done or Submit and your first Casino deposit is made; it is that simple. Please check if PayPal is available in your country. In most cases, this payment gateway doesn't charge any transaction fee up to a certain amount.

Withdrawals Using PayPal

For withdrawing funds to your PayPal account, go to your casino's Casher section, check Withdrawals, and then select PayPal. Input your amount and then click Done or Submit. Some casinos impose upper limits on their PayPal withdrawals, so be mindful of that. If your casino is located in another country, your withdrawal amount can be subjected to currency fluctuations. Be mindful of other terms and conditions also.

  • Never gamble on public WiFi
  • Gambling if done responsibly can be fun.

Some online casinos might ask for some additional documents while processing your withdrawals. These documents establish your identity as a genuine player. Some of these are a government issued ID card ( passport, driving licence, etc.), your proof of address ( gas or electricity bill that has your address), and a copy of your financial statements ( bank account or credit card statements).Submitting these can speed up your payments.

Benefits of using Paypal

The most important benefit of using PayPal is that your fund transfers are always safe. PayPal has been built with the latest encryption technologies that ensure all your data is hidden from hackers and other cybercriminals. The other significant benefit is the simplicity of this payment gateway. With just a few steps you can create your free account . This simplicity of PayPal makes it immensely popular among gamblers.